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What We Do?


We have a team with strong technical background
Our team of engineers has more then 50 years experience combined. We can deliver to our customers a rich experience based on industry standards.


Systematic computational analysis of data or statistics
Devices are generating more data everyday. We process your data and help you to understand your market scenario using machine learning algorithms.

Security Focused

Multi layer architecture and distributed models
Our data stores are distributed over the network using blockchain technologies with high level of encryption. LoRaWAN secure data transmission with AES-128 encryption.

Cloud Based Apps

Mobile-first and cloud-based approachs in every single product
Our focus is to deliver the best solution, with flexible prices and lowest friction. Fractal can integrate to your existing offline systems and devices to make your date accessible in your smartphone.

Fractal offers an innovative and powerful Internet of Things platform that securely connects devices with advanced cloud computing resources.

For manufacturers and businesses seeking to bring their products and services online, Fractal provides a complete end-to-end solution that makes it simple to connect nearly any sensor, device or service to the Internet quickly, securely and seamlessly.


Our Vision

Create secure and easy to use products driven by cutting edge technologies.

Our Mission

Capture sensitive customer data and make it understandable, accessible and useful for shareholders and business owners.

Meet The Team

Kelso Krieger

Electrical Engineer

40 years of experience working in global projects for world classe companies like Siemens and GE.

Cesar Schneider

Software Engineer

20 years experience with software development, Linux server administration and opensource technologies.

Isabella Mello

Production Engineer

Manages our production process with high focused and detailed approach which guarantees the quality of our products.

Cesar Andrade

Computer Engineer

Highly skilled engineer responsible to design, revise and test our electronic boards.

IoT Stats


Manufacturing dominates the growth of IoT network connections in the last year, growing 84%


By 2020, the installed base of the Internet of Things devices is forecast to grow to almost 31B worldwide.


The global IoT market will grow from $157B in 2016 to $457B by 2020, attaining a CAGR of 28.5%


B2B spending on IoT technologies, apps and solutions will reach $296.8B by 2020.

Ready To Connect?

Fractal IoT Platform begins with a hardware module. These units easily integrate into products to provide secure WiFi and LoRa connectivity with a powerful local compute capability.

The modules offer the most advanced solution for manufacturers to increase the capability, functionality and value of their products, and to get their devices online quickly and simply.
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Our Services

Custom Design

Our team can identify, plan and execute custom projects to solve specific problems in your business.

For Home

We help architects and engineers to design better home spaces and allow owners to automate tasks and control resources.

For Industry

The next generation of industrial devices can interact with Fractal IoT platform to deliver real-time intelligence, contextual awareness and controls that “learn” overtime.

For Precision Agriculture

Sensors to capture information in the field can be easily deployed and generate data history for analysis.

For Buildings

Improve verification of structural systems and subsystems. Easily adapt to changes in the building system.

For Developers

We provide tools and REST APIs where developers can focus on application development while we take care of hardware and connectivity.

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